SME Support- Digital Utilisation

This is a rolling call from the European Regional Fund which is designed to promote entrepreneurship in the South West of England. The fund is designed to foster the creation of new firms, and support the capacity of small and medium sized enterprises to develop and grow in a range of markets including regional national and international markets. For businesses to be able to apply they must be based within, or cover the whole or part of the Heart of the South West Local Partnership area.

The value of the fund is considerable for the size of the area, with £1,000,000 delegated to the transition region and £500,000 which is earmarked for the more developed region through this fund. The call offers funding for three years which means that applicants can expect funding to continue regardless of political change. The European Regional Fund ask that as an introductory point applicants complete the outline application which will be able to be assessed by the fund and then a full application can be requested if the outline is successful. Businesses should consider this as a worthwhile pursuit as outline forms are minimum information which can be gleaned from most business plans which have been recently updated. There is a great many opportunities here to avail of this fund.

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