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Our experts employ a ‘real-world’ approach to your annual audit, meaning our recommendations will play a genuine role in improving your business.

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    At Thompson Wright, we help businesses restructure and reform to significantly improve efficiency and cut costs to make your company more profitable.

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    We will support you through every business decision you make. Whether it’s business expansion, trading overseas, or corporate finance, we’ll be by your side, every step of the way.

  • Smart solutions

    We help businesses implement affordable and scalable cloud based software solutions throughout every area of their business.

Identify risks, stay compliant, and move forward with confidence

Our auditors use a tried and tested system that enables them to analyse and disseminate information in a business-friendly language that you can understand.

We provide statutory and specialist audit services to businesses of all sizes, including private companies and niche specialist sectors, such as solicitors, engineering, construction, motor retail, wholesale and distribution, care/nursing, recruitment and not for profit.

By identifying key risk areas within your business, we can suggest practical solutions that will improve the finance function of the business as a whole. You will also benefit from an enhanced reputation in the eyes of future investors, suppliers, customers and all sources of finance. The ultimate outcome is a positive business image that increases your prospect of success.

An audit offers an opportunity to spot inconsistencies, identify risks, and implement practical solutions which will ultimately improve your business.

Summary of services

  • Tailored review of your systems
  • Real-world recommendations
  • Fixed fee service
  • Hands-on approach
  • Flexible and specific to your needs
  • Comprehensive report with targeted guidance

Case Study

This client had an overdrawn directors loan account and were heading for a large tax bill. We helped to re-structure the business, thereby reducing the tax bill and enabling them to re-invest in the business.

Now a profitable and successful business going forward.