What are confirmation statements and why is it important to file one at Companies House each year?

Confirmation statements were introduced in 2016 as a replacement for the long-winded annual return. They are quicker and easier to file and have the same purpose that the annual return did.

Limited companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are all required to submit confirmation statements to confirm that all the details held at companies’ house are correct. It is not a way of reporting any changes in your company as this is normally done through a separate process. Even dormant companies have to file confirmation statements.

Confirmation statements have to be submitted once every year. The review period starts the day of incorporation and ends 12 months later. Once you have submitted the first confirmation statement or for more established companies that have already filed confirmation statements, the review period starts the day after the last confirmation statement was submitted and ends 12 months later.

You can send in a confirmation statement in early if you want to, this will then change the future filing dates as you will have 12 months from the day after to file next year’s confirmation statement.

You must submit your confirmation statement with 14 days of your review period ending. Late filing of a confirmation statement could result in removal of company credit rating, possible prosecution or being struck off the register. It is important to file on time even if nothing has changed in the year or the company is dormant.

A confirmation statement can be filed online using your web filing account, in order to file you will need your company number and company authentication code which is a six-digit code that is unique to your company and should be treated as the equivalent of a PIN number. It is simple and quick to file the confirmation statement as it is a step-by-step process and if there have been no updates all you need to do is simply check and confirm to file the confirmation statement.

We at Thompson Wright do offer a service where we will prepare the confirmation statement for you to check over and send to you for signature, we can then file the confirmation statement for you at Companies House. Find out more about how our Company Secretarial team can help you.

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