Download our latest Brexit Guide to understand the complexities of post-Brexit VAT

Thousands of businesses across the UK have been having to get to grips with new rules surrounding VAT, imports and exports since the Brexit transition period ended at the start of this year.

To help, our experienced team have put together a detailed guide on post-Brexit trade and the new rules around VAT on imports and exports, which covers:

  • Import VAT
  • The impact on regular services
  • The importance of fiscal representatives in the EU
  • The rules of origin
  • The sale of digital services in the EU
  • VAT registration in the EU.

If you are finding it difficult to manage your VAT affairs as a result of Brexit or would just like to know more about how the EU-UK free trade and withdrawal agreements affect goods and services, download this guide today.

Click here to download our Guide to Brexit, Trade and VAT

Don’t struggle in silence, if you need assistance with VAT on imports, exports or services sold in the EU, please speak to our team.

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