Before joining Thompson Wright Chartered Accountants six years ago, X-traweld Services Limited was with an individual accountant who was simply producing a ser of accounts for us each year.  We decided to move accountants upon meeting Richard Thompson and realising that Thompson Wright could offer us a whole range of services we were previously not receiving, including payroll and Independent Financial Advice.

Richard is brilliant because he not only helped us on the business side he also advised us a lot on the personal finance side, putting things in place to ensure we were getting the right tax benefits and making a secure grounding for the future.

The Client Services Bureau provided the professional help required for setting-up the Sage software and training on how to use it effectively.  We find the ongoing support that we are provided with is a great help and it gives us the confidence to use Sage to it’s full potential as we are only a telephone call away should we have any problems or need any advice.