“Cost of Living” Tax Refunds

In the face of rising household bills we are all keen to make savings where we can and if that includes anything we can get back from the tax man then so much the better!

Unfortunately, this also means that there are plenty of unscrupulous businesses out there offering to make claims to HMRC for you for a cut of the profits.

Prominent amongst these are a number of firms who advertise that HMRC offer a “cost of living tax refund” which they say “could be £929 per year and may be up to £3,374”. These firms have even managed to get such claims into local newspapers as articles headed “HMRC could pay your energy bills for two years”.

We want to make you aware that HMRC are offering no such thing and we would caution everyone to be very wary of firms who offer “cost of living tax refunds”, or anything similar.

There are a number of areas where taxpayers can make savings and also where they can make claims to HMRC, for working from home, for example, but these are very far from being a “one size fits all” and are unlikely to pay your energy bills.

At Thompson Wright, we always look to make sure when we complete our clients tax returns and accounts everything that can be claimed is being claimed. If you think you might be entitled to anything else that we have not claimed for then we would always encourage you to ask us.

If you would like help and advice on claims, please get in touch.

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