Small and Ambitious

Realising your hopes and aspirations

This section is for small businesses who are past the start-up phase with ambitions to grow. This is something we understand and are keen to help you with, beginning with a definition of your business goals followed by a strategic plan of how you will achieve this.

Small can be beautiful

Being ambitious does not always mean you want to run a large business: instead, it means having a specific goal that is personal to you. We help many clients who want to increase the size of their operations but we also assist those who want to grow in other ways, for example, attracting a new customer base.

This is what we find exciting. We are pro-active on behalf of our clients and enjoy exploring new opportunities with them that will help them to achieve their objectives. We will do the same for you.

Keeping you focussed on your goals

We have worked with small and ambitious businesses for a long time and as a result understand their need to build a solid infrastructure with access to finance where appropriate. Funding is a major issue for SMEs, we can help you cut through the red tape, enabling you to obtain grants and/or loans without putting your business at risk.

You may benefit from talking to one of our business mentors who you can ask for help from at any time. Our qualified, experienced adviser will offer advice about any aspect of your business and provide suggestions on how to move forward. Other services include providing appropriate tax advice and business planning.

Talk to us about your ambitions and find out the various ways we can help you to achieve them.

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