Management Reporting

Running a successful and developing business can be about control. It is vital that the information you receive is accurate and regular so that you will have a full and honest picture of your financial status. At Thompson Wright our Client Services Bureau ensure all our customers have the right amount of information delivered at an appropriate time interval. It may be that your business needs just a yearly full financial review. It could be however, that it is more appropriate for you to receive quarterly, bi-monthly or even monthly information. Being close to your day-to-day operation means we understand the individual needs of your company and we filter information through in a format that suits you.

However, providing accurate information is half the story. We never deliver information without a full and honest explanation. Our job does not end when we provide your accounts details, we will help interpret the figures, explain what they represent and help in understanding what this means in real terms. Keeping regular health checks on the company finances will help to anticipate trends, highlight potential areas needing focus and will ensure you are never the recipient of unpleasant surprises!

Our one page report summary will extract from the full accounts key factors enclosed within the accounts. It will enable you to read and understand the implications to your business of the latest financial results. The report is written in plain English and we are always on hand to discuss the findings with you.

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