Successful born survivors!

I am sure you are interested to know how our team went on in completing “Born Survivor” – The Ultimate Military Obstacle Course.  It was a gruelling course which saw our team successfully conquer the legendary and hardcore military-style obstacles. They were certainly challenged by the epic day of barbed wire crawls, hefty hauls, leaps, tunnels, walls, ice water and lots and lots of mud! And, as you will see from the pictures, no amount of biological washing powder will ever get these shirts white again!!


A huge thank you goes to everyone who has donated to this very special cause which is “Ollie’s Army”,, and all money raised will go towards Ollie’s ongoing care, the purchase of specialist equipment and the inevitable home alterations needed as well as helping to fund future research into Batten Disease in the hope that one day a cure will be found.  Monies raised will also be used to help achieve the ‘Wish list’ of exciting experiences and adventures the family would like to enjoy together whilst they are still able to, so they can create treasured memories, spend precious time together.


If you would still like to make a donation please go to


So far we have raised £1,290 from donations for the Born Survivor challenge.  Also this week we have held our own TW Bake Off with the ultimate aim to raise loads of dough for “Ollies Army” and so far we have raised £261.08. Our staff have baked everything from cupcakes, tray bakes, fruit loafs, savouries and magnificent gateaux’s all of which have been offered to staff and clients in return for a donation to Ollie’s fund. The bake off ends this week and the winner will be judged by our staff. We will let you know who holds the title of “TW Bake Off champion” together with the total amount raised.


A huge thank you goes to all of those who have taken part either baking or tasting!


Our total for the two events is currently £1,551.08 with hopefully more donations to come.

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